Our Painting Process

Painting Process

Have you ever wondered what our painting process or woundering what to expect when you give Certified Painting Professionals a call. Well, most people do, and that’s OK. We have laid out the process so you feel comfortable from start to finish. Upon calling Certified Painting Professionals, we will first come check out the room or area of the home that needs painting. This way we can see what we are working with and what needs to be done. It is during this process that we ask several questions to ensure we fully understand the entire painting process you want. From there, we agree upon a start day. On the agreed upon stat date, we will begin the project. Once we come to completion we will do any last minute touch ups and clean our area. From there, we do a walk through to ensure you are happy and the job is completed. Although, the job is completed, we encourage our customers to always reach out to us if they need anything later.

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