Sara Besic

Learn More About Sara Besic the Marketing Guru

What are your contributions to the company?

“I do the advertisements, graphics, web design and print material. Really anything you see before my husband starts a job and after he completes it is likely within my department.”

Is Certified Painting Professionals your full time job?

“No, I work as a Marketing Manager for a company that is located in downtown St. Louis. I have been doing graphics and web design for around 10 years now. I work on my husbands business in my free time, and have been incredibly lucky by the amount of success and growth we have had since we started in the summer of 2017. I must admit, I contribute the success mostly to my husband.”

How do you spend your free time?

“I spend most of my free time enhancing my career field, Marketing. I spend a few hours every evening and on weekends working on getting my Master’s degree and helping my husband with his business. When I am not working, you will likely find me outdoors hiking or on a short getaway trip.”

What is your favorite part of helping with the painting business?

“I love being able to do something with my husband that enhances our future. When we first started out, we were not sure if this was going to take off. Thankfully, it has and we have been able to do this as a team, together. It is exciting when you are able to share success with the one you love.

Do you ever paint with Meho?

“Oh heavens no! I have never been one for painting. My passion is in marketing, design and entrepreneurship, not painting. That is my husbands department.”