Experienced Painters in Highland Illinois

Certified Painting Professionals now services the Highland Illinois area for interior painting and exterior painting. If you are currently looking for experienced painters in Highland Illinois, then you are in the right place. Certified Painting Professionals services homeowners for Highland Illinois for interior painting, which includes trim, baseboards, walls, and ceilings. Furthermore, our company specializes in cabinets, sponge painting, and whitewashing. Therefore, we are your experienced painters for all interior painting needs in Highland Illinois. If you need exterior painting in Highland Illinois, then we can assist. Our team of experienced painters also specialize in exterior painting, staining, and power washing. Therefore, we can help you get your deck summer ready or the exterior of your home looking like new.

Tip: Did you know that painting and power washing your home regularly increases the value!

How often should I paint the exterior of my home?

Depending on the material of the exterior of your home you should paint it every 3-15 years. For wood siding, you will need to paint your house on average around 3-7 years and with stucco and aluminum siding last around five years. But if you have fiberboard siding, then you can wait at least 10 to 15 years before repainting.
However, if you are likely the many American’s who suffer from environmental damage such as mold, dirt, and other of natures stains on the side of your home, then Power Washing may be just what you need. Power Washing is an affordable way to keep your home looking new and spotless.

How often should I paint the interior of my house?

How often you paint the interior of your home depends on the utilization of each room. If you are painting the interior of your home for the sole purpose of keeping your home looking fresh and clean, then it is best that you paint on a room by room basis. The rooms that you utilize more often usually require touchups or painting more frequently. For example, a kitchen will require painting more regularly since it is a room that has higher traffic, unlike the other places in the house. Additionally, the kitchen walls are likely to get stains from washing dishes and cooking food.

Furthermore, bathrooms and hallways are two other rooms where the walls are expected to collect dirt and grime more quickly than the other rooms of the home. Hallways are one of the rooms that we tend to see a dramatic difference while we are painting. Sometimes it is difficult to see how much the color has changed by the overlay of smoke, dust, dirt, and grime. When painting walls, we always notice a difference in the freshly coated paint versus the previous color on the walls.

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