Committed Painter in Richmond Heights Missouri

We are excited to announce that we are your committed painter in Richmond Heights, MO area. If you are currently looking for a committed painter in Richmond Heights for interior or exterior projects, we will be happy to assist you. We offer an extensive list of services from painting, power washing to removing wallpaper. Certified Painting Professionals primarily focuses on painting services such as painting walls, trim and ceilings. During the warmer months, we can extend our services to painting or staining fences, decks and the outside of homes. If it can be painted, then likely Certified Painting Professionals can do it.

We have helped our customers with various painting projects. Upon meeting with our customers for the first time, we find they know exactly what they want. We get to hear their vision and turn it into a reality and that great. Other times, our customers are unsure of what they want to do. They know they want a change, just unsure exactly what that entails. That’s OK, its fun finding and discovering color that you can use to give your room a particular atmosphere or feeling. Check out some design ideas for your next project.

Tips for Picking Color for Your Room:

There are numerous ways to pick paint for your walls such as finding inspiration from your decor. We have collected a few more ideas you can use to pick a paint color for your room.

Design Tip #1:

Pull a color from a central focal point- Do you have a rug, throw or curtains that you cannot live without that is the main focal point of the room. If so, then it may be a good idea to use those critical items as a key indicator when picking a color. Take a look at the hues within the pattern and see if there is a color that you can use to paint the walls. It will be subtle but will make that focal point pop more in your home.

Design Tip #2:

Find paint from your artwork- If you have a large piece of artwork that draws attention in your room, then it may be best to use this as a means of picking a color. You can use the backdrop of the color as inspiration which will cause the photo to almost blend in with the wall giving it a three-dimensional appearance. Even if you pick a small fragment of color from the artwork, it will allow the artwork to stand out when hung on top of the freshly painted wall.

Design Tip #3:

Paint your room a lighter color- When painting your walls a lighter color, it can make your room look bigger. Have a place in your house that you wish was larger? We can’t make it bigger, but we can make it feel like it is more prominent with lighter colors. Therefore, if you want your room look larger then focus on lighter colors to make that happen.

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