Are you looking for an exceptional painter in Lemay Missouri? Our team provides exceptional painting services for the interior and the exterior of your home. Rather you are looking for someone to paint your kitchen or paint your deck, we have you covered.

Our most common services for Lemay Missouri include (but not limited to):

Whitewashing: One of the many services Certified Painting Professionals offers is whitewashing. Whitewashing is a popular trend that gives a color overlay (usually white) over brick and wood that gives an elegant and romantic look. In fact, the most common areas we apply whitewashing to are walls, fireplaces or the exterior of homes.

Staining: Another service Certified Painting Professionals offers is staining services. If you need your cabinets, fence or deck stained our team can assist. Our team has extensive experience in staining and can take your project to the next level.

Power Washing: Power Washing is another service that Certified Painting Professionals offers. Generally, we power wash the outside of homes including decks, patios, and driveways. Power washing is an affordable way to keep your home looking new. Furthermore, power washing can protect your home from environmental damage such as mold.

If you currently need an exceptional painter in Lemay Missouri, then give us a call today for your free in-home estimate: (618) 560-7030. Additionally, our team of professionals services your home for power washing and staining needs.

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