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Looking for a painter in Glendale Missouri? Great our reliable and independent painter in Glendale Missouri can assist you with your painting needs. Did you know that by adding a fresh coat of paint to your home you can transform it into something entirely different? In fact, you can get creative and make a dramatic change to your home by painting your ceilings a dark color while contrasting the walls with a lighter hue. This is one unique way to give your home a modernized appearance. Another way to give your home a modernized look is by painting your baseboards and trim a different color. For example, if you have wooden baseboards and trim then paint them a white hue and it will give your home an entirely new look.

Additionally, we have seen whitewashing become a trend that we are in love with. Whitewashing is the technique of adding a white overlay to brick and wood. We have clients who whitewashed the entire exterior of their home while others only whitewashed their fireplace. Either way, whitewashing adds an elegant touch of class to your home. Whitewashing is extraordinarily chic when paired with darker accents and hues such as a deep rich brown.

Lastly, another transformation we have seen with paint and loved is the transformation of bookshelves. Bookshelves can add so much character to a room. There are so many ways to paint a bookshelf. Rather you want to keep a more traditional look with a modernized white or add some pizzazz with a splash of color. Some prefer having a more vintage look with others like modernizing it by adding color the backend of the bookshelf adding contrast.

Adding a fresh coat of paint can give your home an entirely new look! If you are looking to transform your home today, then give our independent painter in Glendale a call today at (618) 560-7030.

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